Six on Saturday – Snow, rain, more wind and a cold!

Happy Saturday! It’s been another wet and windy one here – thanks for stopping by. Newbie blogger here, so please say ‘hi’ in the comments 😊

1. Weather! Well Saturday seemed to feature all of Mother Nature’s finest displays of weather……woke up to snow (but sadly not snowman ⛄️ snow!), then torrential rain and then back to the awful wind!

And to top it off I’ve got cold, so my gardening has had to wait. Cue hibernation mode!

2. Birthday gifts to myself from JParkers arrived which was rather exciting! All packed really well, can’t wait to watch them grow! Great selection of perennials, all a bit unique.

3. Spring flowers – some lovely spring flowers popped through this week, just a shame they’ve taken such a battle with the weather!!!

4. Tomatoes 🍅 Finally sat down and made a little record for myself of the tomatoes I’m growing this year. I’ve sewn the seeds, but like having a visual reminder. Two varieties I’ve grown before with success, Red Cherry and San Marzano and the rest are all new to me. I’ve picked up a pack of Moneymaker seeds today as I know they are so reliable – I’m aware I’ve gone a bit wild with 4 new varieties.

5. Sweet peas! I have this ‘vision’ of a beautiful archway in the garden covered in sweet peas. So I’ve got 5 varieties sewn and all doing well. Hoping I can realise this vision…..imaging a mini secret garden for the kids! ♥️

6. Hellebores! My new obsession. Some pics from this week from a fabulous local garden centre I visited – just stunning! Ended up with two more plants and a request for one more for Mother’s Day!

Fingers crossed for less wind next week!!! 🤞🏻

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